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Simple Road Rules to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

If you are the parent of a teen driver, then you understand that having them on the road can leave you a bit worried and stressed. The road can be a dangerous and unpredictable place, especially for those who might not be that experienced yet. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you create a set of rules to keep your teen safe.

1-      Always buckle up. This may be a given, but buckling up your seatbelt exponentially reduces the risk of injury during any kind of accident. The best way to enforce this rule is to always buckle up before turning on the car, so that positive habits can be created.

2-      Keep the number of passengers low. Every new person in a car serves as a distraction which reduces the driver’s ability to process important information. For teen drivers, these distractions should not be allowed until they get more experience.

3-      Drive during the day. Night driving brings with it a certain series of dangers unique to the situation, and experience is needed to get through safely. By insisting on daytime driving, parents will protect their kids from many possible issues that mainly happen during the night.

By setting up these rules ahead of time, both the parents and the teen are able to establish a safety net of trust to keep them safe on the road. By taking the time to have a mature conversation with your teen, you can create a positive set of guidelines to make a real difference.