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Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents

This is a list of the top five leading causes of auto accidents. Learning about these causes and the best forms of prevention may help you to drive safer.

  1. Distracted Drivers: No matter what the distraction is, distracted driver are dangerous drivers because they cannot fully focus on the road and the drivers around them. While you are driving you should be sure that you are focusing solely on the road in front of you and the drivers around you. Make sure that you eat before you drive, leave your phone untouched while driving and minimize the times that you change your music or fiddle with your radio.
  2. Drunk Driving: When a driver drives drunk they have impaired judgment and reaction times. Drunk drivers have a much higher chance of getting in an accident than those drivers that are sober. Whenever you know that you are going to drink find someone to be your designated driver or take a cab out so that you are forced to take a cab home.
  3. Being an Aggressive Driver: When you are on the road you should be defensive but never aggressive.  Aggressive drivers may have inhibited judgment. If you struggle with driving aggressively you may want to take a defensive driving course to help change your general attitude of driving.
  4. Road Rage: When a driver get angry easily and takes it out on other drivers there can be negative repercussions.  Cutting someone off, speeding and tailgating are common results of road rage. Finding ways to channel your anger and avoid road rage will ensure that you never have the impaired judgment that comes with a quick temper.
  5. Regular Car Maintenance: When brake lines, tires or engines fail at importune times they may cause an accident. Take time to have your car worked on consistently to ensure that it is in tip top shape while you are driving.